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Avengers: Endgame

Endgame was supposed to be the best MCU film of all time... while in reality it is kinda disappointing (considering what it could have been) and Infinity War is still better. Here's how I would fix it:
First off, I'd change Captain Marvel's suit and I'd give her better short hair later in the film. Also, I'd make her sash longer and it would be floating in space which would look glorious.
Ronin looks great but later when he returns to Hawkeye, he should be wearing this.
I'd give Nebula a purple suit that would have a hardware-styled pattern on the inside of the collar.
Endgame Iron Man armor is my favorite of them all but it should have had at least some gold on the gauntlets cause they look too smooth most of the time.
Natasha's suit should look more like Age of Ultron suit (with fingerless gloves) but the blue lines should be either recolored to red or entirely removed and it should be more smooth overall. Her shoes should look more like Gamora's ravager shoes. Also, I'd make her shoulder pads look more like the shoulder pads from her Black Widow (movie) suit and I'd give her fully red hair.
Cap's new suit is a huge improvement but I don't really like the chest so I'd change it a bit.
Thor would actually wear Megingjörð (his magic belt) in the film.
I wouldn't make Shuri snapped away and I'd add a conversation between Shuri and Tony somewhere in the film.
I'd add a scene of M'Baku sitting on Wakandan throne... Shuri should technically be the queen but she'd refuse and say she's not ready.
Tony recording the message on his helmet (and helmet being damaged) doesn't make much sense since the helmet is nanotech. Would be better if he recorded it on his nano reactor.
I'd remove the mid credit scene of Captain Marvel and I'd add it here instead but I would change it a bit. Instead of Carol appearing in the Avengers HQ, Bruce would say that their scanners detected something entering the atmosphere and flying in their direction. They'd run outside of the facility ready to fight but then they'd see it's not Thanos' ship but Carol. Also, I'd add a scene explaining how did they find Fury's pager and how on Earth wasn't it destroyed.
There should be a scene where let's say Bruce says "Captain" and both Captain Marvel ans Steve say "Yes?" but then Bruce says he meant Captain Danvers.
After Thor summons Stormbreaker, Carol actually catches it and hands it over to him. Everyone is shocked and Thor just laughs and says: I like this one.
There should be a scene where Tony goes to his futuristic underground garage and we see all of his previous armors for the last time (and some armors we haven't seen before).
I'd add a scene where both Captains drink and talk about how they can't get drunk or be poisoned.
Instead of playing f**knite Thor, Korg and Miek would play... literally any other game.
When Tony drives to the Avengers facility, he should be listening to Back in Black.
After saying "See you in a minute" Nat would be looking at Tony and he'd look back at her... you know... cause Tony is the father and Nat is the mother of MCU.
In this film Thor, the literal god wears eye lenses... really? I'd remove that from the film.
At some point in the film, Tony would use his nanotech healing spray.
Time Travel should be rewritten because right now the Avengers would just create countless alternate timelines by taking and putting the stones back.
Captain Marvel would also travel in time with Rocket and Thor.
Carol wants to blast Aether out of jane but Thor explains it wouldn't work because she'd also destroy Aether. Thor says he's gonna extract Aether and he takes the device but then he sees his mother and freaks out. Carol and Rocket see him running away and Rocket asks if they can kill him and say the dark elves did that. They search for him for quite a long time until they finally find him talking to his mother but sadly it's the moment when the dark elves arrived. Carol flies up and destroy their ships, Rocket sucks Aether out of jane and Thor fights 2013 Thor, wins and gets Mjolnir.
In the scene where Gamora saves Nebula, she should be wearing a hood and after the steam clears, she'd take it off.
There should be a scene where we see all members of Black Order (including Gamora and Nebula).
The Vormir scene is pretty much the same except that Clint jumps instead of Natasha. He also has blood on his hands so this would be some sort of redemption arc for him. Natasha is about to jump but then he shoots her with an electric arrow from Age of Ultron, temporarily paralyzes her and jumps. Also, the soundtrack that plays in this scene is a new soundtrack rather than a reused soundtrack from Vormir scene from Infinity War.
After returning Carol snaps and brings everyone back but then Thonos' ship appears and destroys the Avengers HQ. Hulk's arm got smashed, Captain Marvel tries to help him while Natasha tries to get the gauntlet away from the Outriders.
After Thor summons lightnings and gets his beautiful beard and hair, his fat should disappear.
The rest of the movie up until the portals scene is pretty much the same except that Nat, Carol, Lady Sif, Eitri, Goose, the original Guardians and maybe even Hill and Fury are present in the scene where everyone is here. Also, Spidey swings from Giant-Man's arm instead of swinging from air. Later we have the big fight, Tony flies through the leviathan like he did in the first avengers movie (and Captain Marvel later does that too) and burns outriders with flamethrowers, Spidey and Black Widow team up, Groot impales outriders on his hand (branch) and Goose eats them (also, would be funny to see Rocket being scared of Goose until she saves his life), Sif and Thor talks and she explains what was she doing after The Dark World and then she covers Thor with a shield and saves him from the incoming projectile. Also, we get a scene where Thor and cap swap with hammers and Cap ACTUALLY kills some outriders with Stormbreaker before swapping back. Also, he summons lightnings with Mjolnir. Also, we get an epic scene of Spidey holding a gauntlet being thrown by Hulk that was thrown by Giant-Man. Also, Giant-Man doesn't move in slow motion.
The scene of Thor, Tony and Vision firing their beams at Ultron would be recreated in this film... except this time it would be Carol, Wanda and Pepper firing at Thanos.
Thor would hit Captain Marvel with lightnings which would power her up a bit.
Iconic scenes like the circle scene from the first Avengers or slow-mo scene from Age Of Ultron would be recreated in this film.
Then we get a rematch between Professor Hulk and Thanos. Thanos cuts Hulk's smashed hand with his sword but then Hulk's eyes glow green, his arm heals and he's mad again. He smashes Thanos to the ground and throws him very far away.
Strange or Wong should actually use the mirror dimension in this film.
Rhodey's interface shows a new weapon "proton cannon", he asks if he should use it and Rocket says "No, of course not, wait until next week" (or something like that...) with an ironic tone. Rhodey uses it and kills a lot of outriders.
After Thanos' ship starts blasting, Carol tells Rhodey to shoot the proton cannon at her. Rhodey asks if she's crazy but she just says "trust me". Rhodey shoots her and she absorbs the power of the cannon, goes binary and destroys Thanos' ship. Then she lands on the ground and uses her powers to cause a massive explosion that kills many outriders, a few space gorillas and one leviathan.
Star Lord gets kicked in the nuts by Gamora and then we have an emotional scene where Mantis uses her powers to bring Gamora's old consciousness back and Star Lord ask "Couldn't have you done this two balls ago?" and then Star Lord and Gamora kiss. Also, before that Nebula says "Your choices were him, a racoon or a tree" and then Drax (who was standing behind them all along) says: "I was standing so still that I was not an option".
After Peter says "I'm Peter Parker", Carol would say "Hey Peter Parker, I'm Captain Marvel"... because in FFH Peter somehow knows she's Captain Marvel.
A-force scene is very similar except that Natasha and Sif are present (also, instead of Okoye saying "She's got help", Natasha would say "She's not alone") and the ladies have some interactions between them while fighting, for example Captain Marvel says that Valkyrie's fighting style is nice... or something. We see Mantis developing a new power and putting a lot of outriders to sleep (without the need to touch them) and then Rescue blows them up. Also, Natasha uses her gauntlets and sticks a lot in this fight (because they are very underused) and Gamora fights Proxima Midnight.
Carol was able to fly with the speed of light in her solo film, here she can't even catch up with Thanos' sword. I mean, at least put Thanos closer to the quantum van. There could be a slow motion scene with Thanos' blade destroying the van a second before Danvers was able to go into the quantum tunnel.
The Captain Marvel/Thanos fight is the same but Carol burns his face so he looks similar to Thanos at the beginning of the film and Thanos doesn't just punch Carol out of the film because that's just lazy writing. Right after she punched her, she charges him again ready to tear him apart but he quickly uses the space stone to open the portal and send her to a galaxy far far away. As soon as she realized where she is, she flied to Earth with the speed of light. Also, she'd actually use both hands in the fight... I mean, at some point she's about to punch Thanos but doesn't and it's just stupid... and she'd destroy his armor like she destroyed his ship.
Thanos' armor wouldn't just disappear in order for him to put the gauntlet on, he'd actually remove it manually. Also, the stones wouldn't just float onto Tony's fist, he'd actually put them there manually using his other hand.
Tony snaps but he actually uses his left hand (he always damaged his left hand in the MCU movies and it was kinda leading up to him snapping with it) and right before snapping his mask materializes. I mean, he's a genius but he forgot to put the mask on for additional protection. Also during this scene, the Black Sabbath's Iron Man plays quietly in the background.
I'd cut the adult Morgan scene from the Disney+ version of the film. It worked with Thanos and Little Gamora because she was trapped in soul stone but Morgan isn't trapped in soul stone so that's just silly.
Carol arrives just in time to see Thanos' army turning into dust and she smiles but then smiles disappears from her face when she sees Tony dying. Even the mask didn't fully protected him. His armor was burned and there was pretty much nothing left of it. Tony's mask de-materializes, Pepper says goodbye to him and kisses him just like in the real film. Then we have the kneeling scene but Peter and Natasha are also present here, Gamora doesn't leave and the music is changed so it's not identical to the music that plays at Tony's funeral.
We can actually see Tony's body in a coffin (that is held by Bruce, Steve, Thor and Peter) before the proof that Tony has a heart is sent on a lake. Also, Harley is not present in this scene... that was kinda... inappropriate.
There is an additional scene of Gary (Iron Man's biggest fan from Iron Man 3) watching TV and crying that Tony Stark is no more. He also sees an interview with Natasha where she explains Thanos and what exactly Tony did and then we see the president calling this day an international Avengers Day.
We see the new Avengers facility founded by Pepper Potts and a life sized statue of Tony snapping standing right before it.
The scene where Clint and Wanda talk is replaced by a scene where Natasha and Wanda talk. Wanda mentions her brother for the first time since he died (teasing his return in Multiverse of Madness) and she also mentions Vision, then she cries. Nat hugs her and mentions Clint's death.
The scene where Thor makes Valkyrie the queen of Asgard is pretty much identical except that Sif is also here. Also, Thor actually stays with Guardians in Vol.3 and he fights Beta Ray Bill... also, Thor 4 is replaced with a film about Valkyrie.
The ending is kinda... off... first, what the hell happened to Cap? I mean... did he stayed with Peggy his whole life and then returned? If so, why wasn't Bruce able to bring him back? Don't tell me he stayed with Peggy and waited until 2023 to meet Sam and Bucky because that's not how time Travel works in this universe. I'd make it more clear and change the ending a little. Cap dancing with Peggy was kinda cool (even though Cap was selfish) but I feel like there should have been one more scene after it. Infinity War ended with Thanos looking at the sunset and this film should end with... I don't know... old Cap looking at the sunset perhaps... something like that.
There are three scenes after credits:

- The first one shows the young Boy sitting in the advanced lab like room. The camera zooms out and we see that it's Harley Keener sitting in his garage. Suddenly he hears a knock on the door. He opens them just to see a floating capsule with "You know who I am" written on it. He takes it into his garage lab and presses the button only to see a hologram of Tony Stark appearing and speaking to him. He says that they're going on a dangerous time travel mission and they may not return and he ultimately says that if he dies, there should be someone who will take the mantle after him. Then the hologram disappears and the capsule opens. We just see Harley's shocked face, then the camera flies around, revealing Iron Lad's mask inside the capsule.
- Shuri is in her lab in Wakanda, she's working hard on something but we don't see what this is. Then the camera zooms out and we see Grey Vision. The camera zooms in on his face and then he opens his eyes... his empty... white... lifeless eyes.
- We see Lila Barton holding a picture of Clint. Then she picks up a bow, shoots and hits the center of the target... and again... and again and again.

In the special edition, I'd include the goji scene and "I'm a little tied up in future" scene and I'd add three brand new after credit scenes:

- The first scene is Captain America returning all the stones. Peter Quill notices him but he's knocked out by Cap.
- Young girl walks down the street at night. She unlocks the door to her apartment and enters. She sees a person sitting on a wheelchair. "Kitty Pride" the person says. "You are the part of the bigger universe and you don't even know about it" the person rides away from the shadow and we see it's Charles Xavier. "I'm here to talk to you about the X-Men project" cuts to black.
- We see a character eating an apple. The camera zooms out and we see it's Ryan Reynold's Deadpool. He's in the X-Mansion and everything seems okay until one of the screens starts to glow red and emit beeping sounds. He tells Negasonic about it. She checks it out and just says "Oh no". Negasonic and Colossus go to the "basement" and try to activate the multiverse portal while constantly saying "This is happening" (referring to Disney/Fox merger [Fourth wall break]) while Deadpool calls Domino, Cable and others. Ultimately the portal works and Deadpool, Vanessa, Weasel, Negasonic, Yukio, Colossus, Firefist, Cable, Domino, Dopinder and the most important memeber of X-Force... Peter... are teleported. Also, right before they're all teleported, Deadpool says "MCU, here we come!" and after that we see Juggernaut glitching and disappearing (also being transferred into MCU). Then we get R rated "Deadpool 3: The new home" that takes places in MCU (there are some characters that need to be rated R in order to work and Marvel should really start making at least some films R rated) in which Deadpool jokes that he's Disney's princess now.

Maybe I'd also add a scene showing Thanos attacking Xandar and getting power stone (that would tease Nova's solo film).

Also, one very important thing... it would be the last film of phase 3 and it would end the infinity saga. It's the last movie featuring infinity stones and Thanos (until Marvel will bring them back) and it's the last film featuring Stan Lee's cameo so it would make sense.
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Star Wars suggestions for the future

Some cool cosmetic ideas I thought of that Epic can use for their next collab are: A forged Jedi (customizable like Maya, except you can create your own Jedi male or female) A forged Lightsaber (creating your own lightsaber, options are single blade, double blade, crossguard, dual wield, and darksaber) A forged Mandalorian Release a $25-$50 pack for Original Trilogy and Prequel Trilogy skins and include edit styles as their Battlefront 2 skins New concept that could actually be pretty cool to see normally, but want to include it for this post: Weapon Mastercraft/Weapon Blueprints (basically changes the look of the gun, like an E-11 or A-280C could replace the normal AR models. If not then release wraps Star Wars themed or accordingly to their weapons.) Tracer rounds that could turn normal bullets into blasters (can choose between red, blue, and green.) Hopefully by when The Mandalorian Season 2 releases, a Mando skin with Baby Yoda as a pet backbling, and his ship as a glider. Maybe Moff Gideon and his darksaber as a pickaxe, an IG-11 skin, and Kara Dune as well. Music packs from the movies. Let us be able buy stuff like the theme, Imperial March, Duel of the Fates, Cantina Band, Yoda's Theme, Binary Sunset, Battle of the Heroes, Across the Stars, and I could go onn and onnn.. Emotes like The Cantina Band, a lightsaber duel emote you can use with other players like the high five, the Han Solo dance from the Kinect game, and the Boba Fett dance from Star Wars Weekends.
If you guys have any more things to suggest please leave them in the comments, I'd love to hear all your opinions!
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FULL Patch Notes Live transcript from PDXCon, featuring CK2, EU4, HoI4, and Stellaris!





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[OC] Emotive-Agonist, Chapter 09

Emotive-Agonist, or: Unfortunately, Reality doesn't Always Change to Match Our Perceptions, Chapter 9
First | Previous | Next
Alright. Alright, okay. This was fine. This was absolutely fine. She was on an abandoned ship with an Incaran, but that was fine. It was also fine that, by analysis, the sample belonged to a three-hundred-year-old male. Even unaugmented, the Incaran were long-lived with lifespans averaging about six hundred years. Though still short of the Census average—mostly because the Census employed genetic augments to increase lifespans—of a millennium or so, an Incaran could easily survive on a ship like this until it died. Until he died.
Two gestures pulled up her messages.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1134]
Were there Incaran on this ship approximately two hundred years ago?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1134]
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1134]
How many?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1134]
A party of 43.
Remy pulled up the manifests and sorted by species. The Incaran party was listed on the Outreach manifest, their department given as Outreach, Other: Diplomatic, First Contact. Each name entry had an arrival time, two days prior to the first of the captain’s locked logs. There were no departure times.
For a moment, it was all she could do just to breathe. She was jumping to wild conclusions, spinning absurd possibilities out in her mind, but it was an inarguable fact that the Incaran had been aboard this ship, this broken ship, that had started the war.
She flipped to the location list, and a gesture reversed the date order.
Her jaw dropped.
Last known location: Incara, Incaran home world.
Her breath escaped her in disbelieving bursts, her heart tripping an awkward and uncomfortable rhythm inside her chest.
Well, just fuck this.
Returning to her messages, she typed in a question, an insane question, without any hesitation.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1139]
Why did you start the war?
A minute passed. Another. She wasn’t going to get an answer.
Garbage machine.
Right as she lifted her hand to go back to the manifest, the computer responded. Not with a message, no, that was too direct. Instead, it displayed a local map over the whole screen, a location flagged with a destination tag.
Remy leaned forward, brows drawn. She didn’t recognize the area, but she recognized the building from the display angle. The computer—the ship—wanted her to go to CHQ.
She tapped the button for directions. And jerked back, spreading her arms in disbelief. You want me to get halfway to the other end of your damn self?
No, CHQ wasn’t actually that far away, but the ship was asking her to make a journey that would take around two days. She was more than physically capable of it, but an Incaran was stalking her. Might be stalking her. Had been watching her from an alley. That was a thing to inquire after, actually.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1144]
The Incaran my light blade stabbed yesterday. Can you find him?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1144]
Yes. The Incaran male is located one block west.
She rubbed her jaw idly, considering her options. She could eliminate the threat or she could try to sneak around him. Humanity might not have been a stranger to death and bloodshed, but killing was never her first choice. Still, it wasn’t like she could dance her way past the alien. Maybe she could make herself a very unappealing target instead.
Or just ask the ship to get her where it wanted her to go.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1144]
Provide transport from current location to CHQ.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1145]
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1145]
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1145]
Controlling systems for PALs are down.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1145]
I can’t get to you if an Incaran kills me first.
Also: how is that Incaran here?
Where are all the other people?
It occurred to her she probably should have asked these things first.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1145]
Are there other, surviving Incaran?
Again, the ship was silent for a minute. She timed it, watching the analog clock on her personal computer tick down the seconds.
The map appeared again, the CHQ building flagged as her destination. Unlike before, the ship marked a route. A red dot pulsed one block west of her current location—the Incaran. The ship had marked a secondary destination what looked like a two hour walk from her current position. Another Outreach branch. It had also flagged a number of tertiary destinations. More Outreach offices, presumably places it anticipated her resting.
Her messages flashed behind the map, and she switched the programs.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1146]
You will find protective gear and weapons at the secondary location. This facility was for research and largely empty of weapons. The Incaran are primarily nocturnal. If you leave now, you will reach your destination before the Incaran male wakes.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1147]
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1147]
You are welcome.
Pursing her lips, she considered the screen. The Bad News had said something about the ship giving up its name, hadn’t it? She didn’t like thinking of her host as “the ship.” Too impersonal.
With a shrug, she typed in her question.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1147]
Do you have a name?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1148]
Not any more.
Remy pulled back, scrubbing her hands over her face.
There was a chilling finality to the ship’s last words, and she had half a mind to tell it she’d call it something like Bob. Discourteous, to be sure, but enough to lighten an almost oppressive situation. She found she was clenching her jaw again, and, rubbing it loose, transferred the map from the workstation to her personal computer. With a slow exhalation, she rose slowly to her feet.
Trevor looked up at her, head cocked.
Giving him a faint smile, she beckoned for him to follow her.
The workstation and her personal computer disconnected automatically as she moved toward the door to the lab proper. Standing in the door, she took stock of her situation.
She had food. She had water. She was well rested, with no leftover fatigue and no tired muscles. It’d been a while since she’d jogged for a prolonged period of time, but she was pretty sure she could manage for at least an hour. So maybe she could reach her destination in an hour and a half instead of two. If she were out of the branch office before 1500 (easy), she’d still have plenty of sun. Not that this sun ever set. Probably another down system.
By then, she’d be long past the Incaran even if it decided to venture into sunlight again.
Armed with her Get-to-the-Weapons-and-Defenses game plan, she swept up Trevor’s water bowl, shaking the remaining water onto the floor. No one was there to care—which was why she didn’t bother retrieving the pants she’d left on the machine. Her light blade zipped around her head as she shoved the bowl into the bag and then slung the bag over her shoulder.
Trevor had joined her, and now the dog watched her as she picked up her Outreach jacket. She frowned at it, rubbing her fingers over the heavy material. Really, the protection was negligible, and wearing it while jogging would make her uncomfortable. She stuffed it in the bag, too, and then turned to Trevor, signing, “I hope you can keep up” with a grin.
He, of course, had no idea what she was saying to him, but her smile made his tail whip back and forth.
“You need to let me know if you hear anything.”
The tail whipped faster. He gave her an uncomprehending but utterly precious smile.
“Good boy.”
That sign he recognized, and he sat back on his haunches, forelegs curled in front of him. Her smile widened, brightened, and she leaned down to rub his head. He was a good dog, and she was very glad to have him.
With him at her side, she made her way through the facility, passing through the labs and taking the elevator back to the ground level. She’d entered through the western door, so she decided to exit to the east. That would put the entire building between her and the Incaran.
Standing in front of the door, she held up her computer. Took a deep breath. Deactivated the security system. The force field shielding the outside walls flickered out. Shifting her stance, she slid her right foot back.
A glance at Trevor showed him reacting to her ready position. He had shifted his own weight, ready to spring forward with her.
Good dog.
She waved her hand forward. The door slid open, and the two of them burst out of it, the light blade coasting along after them.
After that initial burst, Remy slowed, finding an even pace that she knew she could maintain. She checked the map displayed on her wrist, cutting left and then right again. The ship wasn’t taking them down the main streets. Instead, it had directed them to a side street that, while still broad, wouldn’t accommodate large amounts of traffic and was clearly intended to be used by local residents instead of people passing through.
All the buildings to her left looked like housing, the glittering spires reaching up toward the sun that didn’t set. Further left, the buildings shortened, and she could make out the hazy skyline of the next disk, the dark line of it stretching across the visible horizon.
The ship stretched beyond what she could see, with disk-like plates surrounded by force fields that acted as inertial dampeners—a set up similar to the Nexus’s.
Given what she knew of history, back when it was commissioned, the ship would have had more in common with the modern Incaran ships than the force-field wrapped disk look that was now so common among Census and Outreach ships. The ship AIs tended to forgo multiple disk layers, having only two or three that stretched for hundreds of kilometers. This ship had clearly modified itself over the years, in keeping with AI fashion and function. Most ships added to their bulk as they aged, picking up the flotsam and jetsam of space junk to recycle them into more space for their organics to live. It was, as always with ship AIs, the height of elegant efficiency.
She wondered what it was like to exist for over fifty thousand years. Wondered if such an extended existence became as trying for a ship as it might for an organic. When humanity had joined the Census, they’d been told their lives could be extended, the same as all other Census species, but the maximum an organic could manage was usually around one thousand years. Beyond that, people tended to go fantastically insane.
What was it like to live fifty times that long?
It was a sobering thought, one that made her feel small, insignificant, and powerless.
The Nexus in Line had wanted her empathy, but how was she supposed to empathize with something so massive and ancient?
How was she—
Something slammed into her back, driving the air from her lungs and her knees to the ground.
As soon as her hands hit cement, training took over. Remy whipped herself around, lashing out with the blade of her hand as she mentally screamed for the light blade.
Her hand connected with the soft tissue of an organic throat. Silky, platinum fur slid under her skin. As the Incaran stumbled away from her and she scrambled to her feet, she caught a brief glimpse of Trevor crouched low to the ground, lips drawn back from incredibly intimidating teeth.
Faster than she thought possible, the light blade sliced through the air. It spun, the tendrils of light that extended from its core growing with every lightning fast revolution. The disk of hard light and death whipped toward the Incaran who, to Remy’s surprise, dodged back. He twisted to the side, reaching into a pocket and removing something small and round.
Thinking it was a bomb, a grenade, something like that, Remy flung herself at her enemy. She drove into his middle, catching him by surprise. Air in a sharp, thin breeze zipped over her back—the light blade.
Not wanting to deal with how close she’d just come to having her kidneys sliced out of her back, Remy focused on the Incaran.
They hit the ground in a tangle, whatever he held bouncing free of his grasp. She sent the light blade for it with a mental command.
Slamming her right hand against the Incaran’s throat, she pinned him down and turned her left wrist to access her computer. She had a handful of messages stored on a quick access bar—things she might need to tell an incapacitated assailant, for example.
But he was stronger than she, and her distraction proved her undoing. Bucking beneath her, he flipped them, and she was too slow to get her legs around him to stop him. She flopped uselessly, pain exploding in her skull. Her head slammed into the concrete, bouncing twice, and she exhaled sharply with the radiating agony of it.
Pain couldn’t hold her down. She wouldn’t let it.
The Incaran went for her throat—sensibly, with both hands, unlike her attempt. As he settled on top of her, legs on either side of her, a vibrant green light shot through the air.
He has a light blade?! For fuck’s sake, what—
Deliberate, conscious thought ceased. Her own, golden light blade intercepted the Incaran’s, parrying it and sending it flipping backwards. Instinct drove her, four years at Academy and hundreds of practice hours taking over.
Distantly hoping the light blades had enough AI to keep themselves occupied, Remy hooked her foot around his, grabbed onto his elbow, and shot herself upward on the ball of her left foot. That gave her leverage she needed to flip him. It took more strength than she would have expected; he was dense. But he went over anyway, eyes widening as his muzzle opened with a howl of surprise.
As soon as he hit the ground, she pounded her fists into his stomach, a flurry of blows that she felt reverberating through him.
He was breathless now, and she needed to incapacitate him.
Something small and white lunged forward. She saw agony flash across the Incaran’s face. A quick glance to the side revealed Trevor, his teeth clamped in the Incaran’s wrist.
Good boy, she thought fiercely.
Her dog pulled savagely on the Incaran’s arm, yanking with such force that his body shifted beneath Remy’s.
His free hand flailed at her, and she knocked it aside. Pulling back with her right hand, she drove her fist into the side of his head. He fell limp.
Scrambling off him, she spun about in time to see the green light blade deactivate and fall to the ground.
With a thought, her own blade swung after it. Golden light skewered the projector that had, until just now, been protected by its own hard light beams. And because she didn’t want that coming after her again, she had her blade utterly dice the other projector.
Dropping to her knees, she dug through the Incaran’s pockets. Apparently, all those training exercises really had taken; she’d never tested her skills in a real combat scenario. It wasn’t like anyone on a Census ship was going to come after someone with an Outreach ident tag.
Never leave an enemy at your back that might be armed.
She emptied his pockets. She found two more hard light projectors and a tablet. The projectors she tossed to her own blade, not trusting that they weren’t attuned to the Incaran unconscious beside her.
The tablet was password protected, and since she knew nothing personal about its owner, she had her light blade slice it up, too. She gave the briefest consideration for taking it with her but decided she didn’t want to risk the other Incaran on the ship tracking her with it.
That done, she looked at him.
Unconscious, he still looked absolutely terrifying. His canines were visible as tiny points under his lips, and his hands were more like paws—with large claws to match. The Incaran were excellent trackers, able to follow smells much in the same way as dogs. If Remy didn’t restrain him, he’d be able to track her easily, but she didn’t have restraints.
Her eyes fell to his nose and her stomach turned over.
The idea of hurting someone just because made her sick. She swallowed bile, running a hand through sweat-dampened hair. Breaking an Incaran’s nose felt wrong in a way that breaking a human’s didn’t.
I should never have joined Outreach, she thought, drawing back her fist. She lifted her eyes, staring blankly down the street—and then catching on something.
A shop. A hobby shop.
Relief punched a heavy breath from her, her shoulders sagging.
Remy crouched beside the Incaran, adjusting her bag. Then she picked him up with a grunt, straining under his weight as she slung him over her shoulders.
By the time she’d gone the two blocks to the hobby shop, sweat soaked the back of her shirt. She was beginning to think she’d spend this entire job covered in sweat and dirt. Which, well. Wasn’t all that horrible, really. Only Trevor was around to judge her for how well she kept clean.
The light blade cut through the glass doors when they didn’t open on approach.
Remy continued carrying the Incaran as she went through the shop, finding the kind of rope she’d need. She also found some thimbles, or the alien equivalent thereof, and she smiled to herself. Perfect. For whatever reason, snacks at the front of a store seemed a universal constant. She found a drink and some kind of bar her computer said would be safe for an Incaran to eat.
Five minutes later, the Incaran was securely bound and propped against the front wall, away from the door. She’d capped his claws to make it harder for him to escape, but she had no doubt he would sooner or later. Still, in her mind, this was better than killing him. She didn’t want to kill him.
She translated a message on her computer, and carefully wrote it out on a sheet of paper. Incaran letter forms were blocky and cumbersome to her, and she knew her writing was probably as illegible as a kid’s.
A life for a life, she wrote.
Propping that sign against the bars of food she’d left near him, she nodded to herself. Time to get moving.
Chugging half of one of her bottles of water, Remy left the store. She capped the bottle, tucked it away, and surveyed the street. No shadows moved. Nothing set her on edge. Nothing alarmed her.
Alright, then. Safe enough for now.
She told the light blade to guard her back, and when she looked over at it, it whipped about, a spinning shield of death not a foot away from her. That was as unsettling as it was comforting.
Trevor looked up at her with a doggy grin, and she gave him a nod. Together, they started a brisk pace toward the branch office the ship had marked.
And, speaking of the ship, Remy’s countenance darkened. She glowered indiscriminately as her walk became a jog. Oh, she was going to eviscerate the ship as soon as they got to the office. Typing out her ire probably lost something in translation, but she was going to make it exquisitely clear to the ship how pissed she was.
Nocturnal my ass.
She locked down the branch office as soon as she and Trevor were inside it. As much as she knew she needed to keep moving, she settled herself in front of the terminal by the agents-only entrance, pulled up her messaging program, found her previous conversation with the ship, and sent what she thought was a very polite, very succinct message to express herself:
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1451]
What the absolute fuck, ship
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1451]
Your upset is understandable. I had no way to communicate a warning to you. You have no neural net.
She seethed, grinding her teeth as she clenched her fists. She felt the pinched expression on her face, felt the tension running through her body.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1452]
First of all: you’re a dick.
Second of all: you could have sent a warning to my computer and had it vibrate
You could have used Morse code! I know you know Morse code!
You could have used binary!
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1452]
Yes, you are correct.
I am only now realizing how heavily my systems have been… tampered with.
Well that wasn’t alarming at all.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1452]
Just create a pattern of vibrations and we’ll call it the Incaran Alert System, alright?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1452]
Done. Is this acceptable?
The computer on Remy’s wrist buzzed without pattern, lighting up a brilliant, warning red. The alert flashed once, and then a directional arrow appeared on it. A smile tugged at her lips.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1453]
That’s great. The arrow’s a good idea.
But another thing.
You said Incaran were nocturnal. What the hell happened?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1453]
A analysis of the local area has revealed traps.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1454]
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1454]
There was no reason for suspicion.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1454]
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1454]
Your point is taken.
And arguing with a ship was more or less useless. She exhaled some of her frustration, blowing a heavy curl off her forehead.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1454]
Are there more? There were 43 on the original manifest. Did any others survive?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1454]
Yes. There are 12 Incaran lifeforms on this ship.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1454]
There are a few actions I can take to minimize your chances of encountering more Incaran between here and CHQ, but there are individuals moving through the ship with obvious intent to converge on your location.
It would have been wiser to kill the Incaran you fought earlier.
Remy leaned away from the screen, a look of stunned incredulity on her face. Her brows climbed so high up her forehead she thought they’d probably disappear into her hairline. Never mind the other Incaran for the moment. Since when had any Census ship ever advocated for murder?
Okay, she could admit that question was idiotic given this ship had started in the Incaran War. This ship clearly advocated murder.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1455]
I don’t make a habit of premeditated murder.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1455]
Self-defense and premeditated murder are not analogous.
That aside, she had other concerns.
Like the other Incaran.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1455]
They’re not mutually exclusive in this situation either but I am not having a philosophical argument with you. I want to know why you didn’t tell me there were MORE INCARAN RUNNING AROUND.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1456]
You didn’t ask.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1456]
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1456]
Even if you had asked, until your analysis in the previous office, I could not differentiate you from them.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1456]
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1458]
Ship, you have to explain that.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1458]
An explanation at this terminal is impossible. You must come to the mainframe in Census Headquarters.
Remy dragged her hands down her face, hissing out a breath of frustration. This ship. This ship.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1458]
Are you programmed to hinder everything I do?
It was a rhetorical question, one she’d sent out of frustration. Out of irritation. Out general disbelief.
I should never have joined Outreach. The thought was more exasperation than genuine loathing, but the sentiment remained.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1459]
Admiral, I have unfortunate news.
You’ve got to be kidding me.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1459]
Rhetorical! The question was rhetorical!
Whatever, tell me anyway.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1500]
It appears the sun has set.
Remy fell forward. Her head tapped against the desk gently. She lifted her head. Let it thunk back down. If I live through this, I’m retiring. I’m resigning, stepping down, whatever. I’m going to a garden planet with Trevor. I will drink mai tais from sunup to sundown every day. And no ship AIs will ever ask me for anything ever again.
Melodramatics aside, the sun setting brought another question to mind.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1500]
Ship, are you actively helping them?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1500]
No. However, they have comprehensive access to my systems. You must make haste to the mainframe.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1500]
Try not to help them kill me on the way there.
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1501]
Every possible assistance I can lend will be yours.
It is pleasant to speak with an organic after all these years. I will do my best to ensure your continued survival.
Remy tipped her head to one side. She remained sprawled on the desk, arms akimbo, her fingers awkwardly picking at the keyboard as she typed. That was… weird, from a ship. They lacked sentiment. She’d never heard of one expressing anything more than a gentle condescension toward organics. But this struck her as genuine.
It also struck her as hideously self-serving, but machines would be machines. Hell, life would be life. Everyone fought to survive.
A thoughtful frown drifted over her face as she pushed away from the computer terminal. What was it about her presence here that threatened the Incaran so much that they were converging on her?
Contemplations for later. She hadn’t meant to spend ten minutes yelling at the ship. That cut into her schedule.
She hurried through the office, making her way to one of the weapons lockers.
Traveling light was just as important as traveling well-protected. Too much weight in the form of weapons and she’d slow, which meant leaving the big guns (not that she was a great shot anyway). A gel impact suit, though… A GIS wouldn’t add much weight, so she grabbed one off the wall. She squeezed its inert, globular form in her left fist until it activated. It spread up her arm, viscous and chilled, and climbed across her chest before making its way down her body with little, reaching tendrils as she perused her choices.
With the GIS, her light blade would suffice as a distance weapon, so she happily passed on the guns. She knew she couldn’t rely on them, even the light weight ones. In every training sim, tense situations made her aim consistently worse and worse, and no measure of practice saw her improve.
What she really wanted was another light blade.
Turning on her heel in slow revolution, she noticed a crate in the back corner of the room. She grabbed a stun baton on her approach, holding it to the side of the suit until the suit reacted, creating a strap to hold the baton against her hip.
Crouching in front of the crate, she held her computer up to the electronic lock. She felt it click open beneath her fingers, and she lifted the cover. And found exactly what she was looking for.
Inside, cradled in foam, were four hard light projectors.
Settling on her knees, Remy pinched and released the palm of her suit. The bit covering her hand pulled back, exposing her skin. Carefully, she reached into the crate and picked up one of the projectors. The cool metal rolled over her palm, settling in the center.
On the Bad News, the ship’s avatar had already activated the blade when it put the weapon in Remy’s palm. She didn’t think it needed to be activated—and it didn’t matter. As soon as she thought about the blade activating, it did. Light rippled over the projector. Shimmering violet light wreathed the metal projector and spread out into twin blades.
Carefully, she drew her hand back. The light blade remained in the air, and when she looked over her shoulder, the golden one was still working, too. Awesome.
She bound the second one to her without any problem, its blade a brilliant silver. When she tried the third one, her golden blade flickered out and the projector hit the ground. Interesting. She could use the blue light blade just as well as the purple and the silver, but she decided to pocket it. The gold light blade had a lot of sentiment, and she’d rather use that one.
She grabbed the fourth one just to have it. Activating it disabled the purple one, and she wondered if the limitation had something to do with her or with the technology itself. She’d ask the ship later. With no particular attachment to the purple one, she left it off. This one’s red-edged light was pretty, and it reminded her of desert dunes at sunset. It reminded her of home.
She pocketed the blue and purple blades and nodded at the sight of the gold, silver, and red ones.
Good. This is good.
For the first time since setting foot on the ship, she felt almost secure. Three active light blades, two in reserve, a gel suit, and a stun baton.
She looked down at Trevor. The terrier had found his way into a box filled with packing peanuts and was happily rolling in them, his legs kicking the air above him. Smiling, she shook her head. Silly dog.
Silly dog who had no protections. Her smile melted into a pensive frown as her eyes drifted back to the wall of gel suits. GISs were one size fits all. She could remove her suit, hand it to a six-armed Girti, and he’d be able to use it just fine. So why wouldn’t they be safe for dogs, too?
She checked the time and winced. She wanted to be out and on her way as quickly as possible, but Trevor needed protection, too.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 1516]
Yes or no: will wearing a gel suit kill my dog?
u undefined error: username unknown [today at 1517]
In fact, it will improve his ability to maintain homeostasis.
Remy grabbed a suit from the wall and sat down. She patted the floor beside her, and as Trevor approached, she put the suit on the ground. He sniffed warily at the globby mass of undefined suit, one paw lifted. Eventually, with a little coaxing, he put one paw on the cool material. The suit climbed his furry legs, and he immediately started shaking like he was wet. He kept shaking until he was completely covered, the excess of the suit falling to the ground in a globe the size of a baseball.
He took several hesitant steps, two paws always off the ground. Remy, one eye on the time, clapped for him and rubbed his head through the suit to tell him how good he was. He gave her a baleful look, but, frankly, she didn’t care how cranky the suit made him if he kept him alive.
And now that they were both protected and she was armed, it was time to go into the night.
The night wasn’t black. Hub ships imitated moons in their skies and peppered the horizon with stars, the same as they displayed a yellow sun during their daylight hours. The light was faint, but it was enough. After giving herself a few minutes to adjust to it, Remy started slowly down the street. She moved with careful steps, glancing at the much dulled interface on her computer.
Turning down the brightness on her computer gave her no benefits when her light blades cast shadows in gold, silver, and red behind her. Their brilliantly saturated light pierced the darkness, throwing steady light all around. Remy sacrificed stealth for protection. She set the gold blade to spinning at her back. The silver remained at her side in its usual state. The red blade became a sort of rear guard, settling about six meters behind her with instructions to loop back and forth across the street.
She hoped that the spinning shield and the looping blade would discourage most attacks from behind, and for the first night she assumed they did.
It was nearly twenty-one hundred when the ship finally directed her to an Outreach office.
Remy secured herself and Trevor inside the building, deactivated the light blades, and then went straight from the entrance to the bathroom. They dealt with necessities, him with a great deal of uncertainty. A mounting headache turned her mood irritable, and she told him she didn’t care if he shat in a shower—not that he understood her cranky gestures. Eventually, he took care of business, and when he finished, she made her way to the barracks with him close behind.
Trevor passed out as soon as they’d finished eating, curling up on the end of her bed.
Leaning into the corner, Remy smoothed her hand over her computer, pulling it off her wrist and laying it over the pillow in her lap. Her light blades were tucked safely into her bag, stuffed under the bed. Exhaling heavily, she closed her eyes. Rubbed at her temples. The dull ache at the back of her head spread, radiating discomfort across her whole skull. Remembering not to clench her jaw became difficult, and she dropped her fingers from her temples to her jaw, massaging the tense muscle.
When she felt marginally better, she accessed the local Outreach servers and dug through files until she found a user guide for the light blades. Their functionality surprised her. A clever mind could encourage the projectors to output the hard light in different configurations, from actual shields to mallets. Unfortunately (and here she had to force her jaw to unclench again), such delicate manipulations required a neural net.
In fact, it was highly encouraged that anyone seeking to use more than one light blade have a neural net grown. Her headache was apparently a side effect of what amounted to thinking too hard. The AI in the projector had a complicated set of sensors capable of picking up mental energy (which sounded ludicrous to Remy, but she was too tired to think overmuch on it), and when one’s energies were directed at only one blade, they were stronger.
Only a handful of species were considered mentally fit enough to manage two light blades unassisted, described primarily as “flexible in thought” and “resilient.” None were recommended for three.
She pulled up her messages.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 2127]
Can you scan me?
u unknown error: username unknown [today at 2127]
I am capable, yes. Would you like me to?
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 2127]
Yeah. I want to know how bad my mental stress is.
u unknown error: username unknown [today at 2128]
A full night’s rest will see you recovered. However, you will not be able to maintain three light blades without the assistance of a neural net for the duration of your travels tomorrow.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 2128]
Are you saying I’m incapable of it or that it would be highly inadvisable?
u unknown error: username unknown [today at 2128]
Stressing the brain leads to multiple types of hemorrhaging and strokes. You also risk overtaxing your central nervous system.
She figured it’d be something like that but was too numb to process it. The words sat on the surface of her brain, full of meaning but lacking impact.
u Adm-Remington-Harrison-(act.) [today at 2128]
Thanks for the info, ship.
Maybe don’t let me die tonight.
u unknown error: username unknown [today at 2128]
You will be fine.
Remy flicked off her computer and slumped onto the stiff mattress. She exhaled heavily and fell into a heavy, dreamless sleep.
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How I'd pitch an Obi-Wan Kenobi anthology film

As this ended up being much longer than I had initially intended as a "pitch", here's a TL;DR:
Ben Kenobi is in isolation on Tatooine when the Empire decides it will be recruiting actual people for Storm Troopers because it is too expensive to maintain the clone army in a much larger Empire. A young thief steals Ben's lightsaber and attacks a Storm Trooper, prompting a search by the Empire of the "hooded Jedi". Ben heals the thief after he is shot, then saves his life in the end after talking to Qui-Gon Jinn's force ghost. The young thief sacrifices himself, turning himself in as the "hooded Jedi" and is killed by Boba Fett, so that Ben can train Luke when he is old enough. And Ben learns that Darth Vader is alive and well.
Now, for the full pitch:
While I think most fans of the saga want an Obi-Wan Kenobi anthology film more so than the current lineup of films (I love Donald Glover and Lord/Miller, but did anyone really ask for a Han Solo spin-off?), I have yet to see anyone present a story that's worth telling (though if I missed a post about this, I apologize). And I'm mostly unfamiliar with the EU explanation for what Ben Kenobi was doing between episodes III and IV, so this will probably override that lore (which is what I'd expect if we ever do get a Kenobi film).
Anyway, you can't just have a film about Obi-Wan wandering around Tatooine and hiding from people. There needs to be a central conflict. Something he can overcome. And a tangible villain that can draw out this conflict resolution within Obi-Wan, as it is a Star Wars movie, after all. There needs to be a problem at the start and a resolution at the end. Where Rogue One went wrong, in my opinion (though I did enjoy it for what it was), was its taking for granted that audiences would connect the dots from the frayed edges of Rogue One to what we know happens in A New Hope. Rogue One managed to get away with this because of its near overlap with the beginning of A New Hope. In essence, Rogue One's entire resolution is the opening scene of A New Hope, an epic space-chase with the Empire and the Rebellion.
Now, let's look back at Obi-Wan's story. If we apply the same structure to a Ben Kenobi spin-off, then his resolution would be saving Luke from Tusken Raiders (a much weaker climax than that of Rogue One, comparatively). So, we need to dial the story back to an earlier time period. If we jump back roughly ten years prior to A New Hope, we're far enough ahead of Order 66 to take a bit of the heat off of Obi-Wan from the Empire, while being far enough behind the arrival of C-3PO and R2 to leave that plot thread alone. And Ewan McGregor is right around the necessary age to put Ben at roughly 50 years old.
Okay, the time frame is established. So, what story do we tell?
Well, at some point, the Empire moves on from using Clones as soldiers to using ordinary people, right? Well, let's make this that point.
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away..."
We hear the voice of Qui-Gon Jinn echoing over a black screen: "Concentrate on the moment. Feel, don't think."
Cut to a close-up of Ben Kenobi's eyes wedging open. The camera zooms out to see him levitating cross-legged above the desert sand of Tatooine. He is completely alone. From the calm air stirs the beginnings of a sandstorm. We watch as the wind picks up, rippling the man's robes and soon, the sand below. Just as the storm gains considerable momentum, Ben Kenobi closes his eyes again, just before the sand begins whipping his face with increased intensity.
Title card: "KENOBI"
This tells us everything we need to know about where we are at the start of the film. Ben is in isolation, seeking the guidance of his former master. The approaching sandstorm is a symbol of his calm isolation being challenged by something dangerous (along with a bit of a more literal metaphor, "storm", referring of course to Storm Troopers). Something he must overcome. The challenge? The invasion of Tatooine.
After the title card, we get a few establishing shots of Ben wandering the desert, staring up at the sky and such. Eventually, we see him gaze upon the familiar home of Luke Skywalker, from a distance. A small boy is helping a woman gather things outside for dinner. Ben smiles, before walking away, headed to Mos Eisley.
Then, we get into the conflict. A decade after Order 66, the clones are either dying out or growing weaker, and it's simply too expensive for the Empire to continue generating clones, as it has expanded considerably since Revenge of the Sith. The Emperor decrees able-bodied men from select planets to be recruited as Storm Troopers. Tatooine, being subjected to slavery in the past, is a prime candidate for recruitment. In "Kenobi: A Star Wars Story", an imperial officer is tasked with leading one of the first task forces of Storm Troopers into Mos Eisley. Now, the Empire is about 10 years behind what we're used to seeing in the original trilogy, so the outfits of imperial officers will probably look a little different. And this officer should be someone new to us as an audience. No Tarkin or Krennic or anyone like that. Maybe this guy is newly appointed, and at a much lower rank than the officers we have met in other films.
We introduce the Storm Troopers and the officer (henceforth known as "O") fairly early in the film by sending them into Mos Eisley from some Empire ship. They storm (pun intended) into the crowded street, clearing a circle for O to make an announcement. One of the troopers ushers for a young man to move, before being shoved by the young man: "Hey, watch it!" The Storm Trooper replies: "You're being moved." before grabbing the man's arm. Young man replies: "I said don't touch me, clone!" and spits at the soldier. The Storm Trooper throws the guy to the ground and fires his blaster in a perimeter around the young man's head, then removes his helmet to reveal a very non-Jango-Fett face. The trooper then leans down to the young man and says "There are no clones here," and then proceeds to move more people out of the way.
This is at about the point where I'd have Ben Kenobi show up. He kneels down to help the young man up, just as O steps into the center of the cleared circle (maybe for fun, have an overhead shot of O standing in a circle that resembles the emblem of the Empire, with six Storm Troopers standing equidistant from one another around the perimeter.). As Ben kneels down, the young man catches a glimpse of the hilt of Ben's lightsaber, but doesn't appear to be concerned about it.
O: "Desert dwellers...your prayers have been answered. I am O, of the Empire. I'm here to give you all...well, some of you (laughs)...a second chance at a better life. A life...with the Empire."
O goes on to explain the need for human recruits (maybe throwing in a nice little "joke" of the only downfall being that ordinary people aren't as accurate with the blasters, "which WILL change over time".), and finishes with telling the lot of people to register with an Imperial droid to become an Imperial soldier (wheel out a new droid whose function is to take information of applicants). O then concludes what initially appears to be an optional registration speech with a jarring ultimatum: "With your help, we will meet our Emperor's quota of able-bodies by tomorrow's evening. Or we will come for your children."
The masses stir at the final remark, with the young man from earlier (let's call him "YM") ready to lunge out at one of the Storm Troopers. Ben puts a hand on his shoulder, keeping him back. There is a lingering shot on Ben as he stares out at O. We know he is thinking of Luke.
YM jerks himself away from Ben and storms off in the opposite direction, away from the Storm Troopers and O. We see a few people hesitantly approach the registration droid, though not many. O thanks the few volunteers, before stepping up to another man and saying "your service would be greatly appreciated." The man considers the remark before walking out of frame. O repeats this action to another, before approaching Ben. "Your service would be greatly appreciated," he says. Ben doesn't immediately react. He just stares intensely. O presses him further: "Is there something you wish to say?", to which Ben replies in that tone Ewan McGregor mastered over the span of the prequels: "Oh, there are several things I'd like to say. But I won't." O considers him for a moment, before saying "Good man," and walking on to the next individual and speaking with them in the same way.
Ben turns and walks away, eventually walking into the famous Mos Eisley cantina. We see the usual bunch, with a few new faces and maybe a few familiar cameos (Greedo, anyone?), but we don't focus on those. Ben walks up to the bar and sits down, removing his hood. He realizes he is sitting next to YM, who sees Ben and scoffs. "Jeez, you again?"
Ben: "Why are you so angry?" YM: "You're kidding, right? You saw what happened." YM begins to take a drink of whatever is in his mug, but Ben grabs the mug from him and continues to speak. Ben: "It was only a matter of time before the Emperor's reach put them here." YM (slight slur): "You saw it coming, did you?" Ben: "Perhaps I did." YM (slur): "Did you see them taking children?" Ben: "I've seen them do much worse." YM (slur): "Well...maybe you'll...maybe you'll see what's coming next." YM slips off of his bar stool, grabbing onto Ben for support. Ben helps him catch his footing, before YM shoves him off and storms out of the cantina.
Ben sighs and takes a drink. The bartender laughs to himself. Ben: "I find very little funny about serving drinks to young ones." The Bartender laughs harder: "You don't come around here too much, do you?" Ben: "Apparently not." Bartender: "Well, whatever that was you were carrying around is his now." Ben: "What?" Bartender laughs. Ben realizes what he means, then checks his waist. No lightsaber.
Ben runs out of the cantina to find YM marching towards the nearest Storm Trooper, holding Ben's lightsaber.
Ben: "NO!"
YM ignites the saber and stabs it clean through the back of the Storm Trooper. The scene mirrors earlier where the Storm Trooper knocks YM down. YM (to fallen trooper): "There will be no Empire here."
Now, we're rolling into the central plot of the film. YM is instantly shot by one of the other troopers, as Ben runs to the scene. From YM's perspective, the scene gets fuzzy, and just as Ben retrieves and ignites his lightsaber, YM loses consciousness, and we fade to black.
YM wakes up in a hut-like cave, bandaged around his shoulder. Ben: "That was quite the show."
I realize my summary is beginning to turn into a script, so I'll stop here
Basically at this point, Ben introduces himself to YM and tells him that what had happened that day would not go unnoticed. That the Empire would put a bounty on his head from that day forward. YM asks about the lightsaber, and Ben tells him he won it in a game of chance (a little throwback to a Qui-Gon line from Episode I). YM doesn't believe him, but doesn't push the issue.
Ben once again meditates as YM rests.
The Empire gets word of a lightsaber on Tatooine, and speculation begins of a surviving Jedi. Darth Vader (obligatory cameo) demands the Jedi be killed and the lightsaber be brought to him to be destroyed.
At risk of writing another novel, I'll keep the rest of this brief:
Imperial Officer O returns to Mos Eisley, demanding the Jedi be revealed. Several citizens claim it was a young man who attacked the Storm Trooper, another mentioning a hooded figure. There appears to be a bit of confusion, however, with some of the witnesses claiming the hooded figure and young man were one and the same. O ushers in a much larger wave of troopers to the town, threatening to take action if the Jedi isn't turned over. To demonstrate the severity of his claim, O grabs a blaster from the nearest trooper and shoots an innocent alien at point-blank range. Ben Kenobi is seen watching briefly, before slipping away from the crowd to return to the resting YM.
That night, Ben seeks guidance from Qui-Gon once again, eventually making contact with his force ghost. Ben tells him that he feels compelled to help the situation in Mos Eisley and fight against the Empire. Qui-Gon tells Obi-Wan to have patience, that his role has yet to be fulfilled. Obi-Wan asks Qui-Gon what it is he needs to do, and Qui-Gon replies with something like "I feel you have already an answer for that." After another short back-and-forth, give Qui-Gon a line like "I must ask you again, in time, to train the boy."
Later, upon reawakening, YM argues with Ben about the morality of doing nothing while the Empire threatens his home. Ben replies with something about the will of the force (revealing himself to be a Jedi and telling YM about Luke, son of the most powerful Jedi there ever was), to which YM confronts him, telling him the force means nothing against the Empire, and Ben's plan will fail.
Cut in another few scenes of Imperial intimidation (the invasion of Tatooine has spread to include hundreds of Storm Troopers), and maybe another conversation aboard a Star Destroyer or something.
Eventually, YM recounts some of his backstory, telling Ben of his father who was killed in the Clone Wars. This revelation eventually prompts YM to leave in an attempt to fight. Ben tells him its suicide, to which YM replies "not for a Jedi". Ben struggles with his duty as a Master against his wish to keep YM from certain death. However, in the end, he decides to go after YM, using his landspeeder to catch up with him.
We end with YM confronting a wandering pack of troopers, led by O. He claims he is the guilty Jedi, to which O is not convinced. YM wishes to be taken prisoner to the Emperor, to which O replies "Darth Vader has given orders to kill." The Storm Troopers raise their guns, just before Ben Kenobi leaps in and fights them off, being forced to kill the Storm Troopers, but not before one of them radios that the hooded Jedi has been found. Ben walks forward to O, who has fallen to the ground.
Ben: "Is there something you wish to say?" O smiles. "A Jedi wouldn't strike down an unarmed officer, would he?"
Ben hesitates, until YM fires a swiped Storm Trooper blaster at O several times, killing him. Ben protests, until YM tells Ben to run. That more will come looking for the hooded Jedi, upon the orders of Darth Vader (which awakens a realization in Ben, who believed Anakin to be dead). Ben attempts to stay, before YM aims the blaster at him. "It's okay, Ben. I'm okay."
Ben tells YM to take his speeder and tosses his cloak to him, before leaving. YM rides off on the land speeder as Ben watches, until the speeder is out of sight.
Ben starts to walk away, when we cut to the perspective of YM. A group of Storm Troopers are running out to stop him, and he runs them over in the land speeder.
We cut back to Ben walking up a large sand dune. The suns are beginning to set.
Cut back to YM dodging blaster fire, until a dark silhouette appears above him. Turns out it's Boba Fett. Turns out Boba Fett's ready to murder. Boba Fett fires a missile at the landspeeder, and we cut back to Ben, who finally reaches the top of the sand dune and looks out into the distance. Cut back to Boba Fett rifling through the wreckage of the landspeeder. "Tell Vader the Jedi's dead. And his Jedi weapon didn't survive the blast."
End on Ben Kenobi watching as young Luke helps his uncle carry pieces of equipment inside their home. Binary Sunset. End credits.
I realize this isn't perfect and could definitely use some fine-tuning, but I figured I'd go the extra mile and lay out a full story, instead of just saying I want an Obi-Wan film. I wrote this summation on my phone, so I apologize for any glaring errors I may have overlooked. At any rate, I hope you've enjoyed it.
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Suggestion for continuous music playlist

Hope everyone on the StarWarsBattlefront and team at Dice have had a great Christmas!
Just a suggestion here that a lot of Star Wars fans would love to see.
The continuous music playlist for the game should include themes era specific to the game you’re currently in.
Can you please (pretty please) add more themes into the continuous playlist, say for instance OT music like the Imperial March, Sunset binary, Yoda’s theme, Emperor’s theme, the theme played when Luke and Vader duel in ep5 etc. Then the droid march, duel of fates, battle of the heroes (ep3), etc in the Prequel trilogy games.
This would be EPIC and add to the feel of the trilogies.
The continuous music option is a great addition and hopefully it can be improved on as it makes Battlefront 2 feel more like a Star Wars game, just needs more themes we love and ones that are Trilogy specific.
Kind regards - ToastedFork
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Star Wars Quistionnare

I don't know if this is against the rules of this subreddit or if this has been done before, so if either or both are the case please feel free to delete this post, but I thought that this might be fun. I was Inspired by this post submitted by u/tshiar to finally bring a Star Wars YouTube trend to this marvellous subreddit. And this is like the title suggests a Star Wars Quistionnaire. It consists out of sixteen Star Wars related (who would have guessed that) questions. You don't have to explain why but it would make the whole thing more interesting to read. So without further ado let's get to the questions. You can answer in any continuity you want doesn't matter if you choose a classic EU point of view, canon or a mix of both.
  1. If given the choice would rather be a Sith or a Jedi?
  2. What is your favourite world/planet?
  3. How would your lightsabre look like (colour of the blade and what kind of lightsabre i.e. standard, curved, double bladed etc.) and what would your be your chosen martial arts discipline.
  4. What's your favourite species?
  5. What's you favourite vehicle?
  6. If you were a Jedi and you had the choice who would you like to have as a master?
  7. If you were a Sith and you had the choice who would you like to have as a master?
  8. What would be your Sith name? (Darth ...)
  9. What's your favourite Star Wars film?
  10. What's your least favourite Star Wars film?
  11. If you were to write a Star Wars novel what would it be about?
  12. What is your favourite Filmscore from Star Wars (either a single piece or the soundtrack of an entire film or both :D)
  13. Do you collect figures?
  14. What is the best thing about the EU (doesn't matter if canon or classic EU)
  15. What is the worst thing about the EU (doesn't matter if canon or classic EU but it would be nice if you choose the same continuity as in question 14)
  16. What does Star Wars mean to you?
If given the choice would rather be a Sith or a Jedi?
For me that's a though one, while I prefer the Jedi mindset over the Sith, I'm a really big sucker for ancient sithlore. And of course the Sith are just badass. But at the end of the day I would be a Jedi, but not any Jedi I would be a Jedi Sentinel/ Jedi Shadow. Personally I identify a lot with the Jedi Sentinels. I like how they try to balance out there options. Sentinels also seem to be more open to alternative approaches to combat and aren't afraid or rather aren't as close minded about the use of blasters and other weapons besides lightsabres. And it's also nice how they expand their skill set with alternative skills like slicing or other technological skills. And I would choose to work as a Jedi Shadow to get my hands on ancient Sith artefacts and learn about their history. As probably everyone knows the Jedi Shadows are supervised by the council of first knowledge and their main purpose is to locate traces of the darkside (i.e. sith artifacts) and either bring them in so they can be stored within the Jedi temple or if they're deemed to dangerous they are tasked with destroying them. Or they go on undercover missions to infiltrate some darkside cult. And I've always saw the fear of the darkside a big flaw in Jedi philosophy and I still do so but I've also come to understand it. after all a Jedi that goes nuts is a big problem. And that's what I liked about the Jedi Shadows they bring themselves close to the darkside to protect the galaxy from other Jedi to go rogue. But at the same time they represent the biggest flaw within the Jedi Order and that makes them really intriguing. I don't like flawless characters.
What is your favourite world/planet?
Now that one is even tougher for me to call. But At the End of the day I have to go with Rishii. I like this whole pirate city Nassau-esque (for those who have played Assassin's Creed Black Flag) vibe that the planet has going on. Now I've been always a fan of cyberpunk and I really like the places in Star Wars who have that kind of vibe like the lower levels of Coruscant or Nar Shadda but I also like Planets with untouched nature and Rishii has both. The city has the whole criminal underworld science fiction vibe with a bit of a pirate twist but as soon as you leave the city you are in a beautiful tropical environment
How would your lightsabre look like (colour of the blade and what kind of lightsabre i.e. standard, curved, double bladed etc.) and what would your be your chosen martial arts discipline.
As I stated before I would be a Jedi Sentinel so my blade would have a yellowish hue, but more of an warm yellow not an acid yellow. For the hilt design I would go for two sabres a short one and a long one. They would be able to be joined so I can create a sabrestaff, and the standard sabre would have a dualphase function so I can shorten it. The shorter one would be a standard shoto so the hilt would be shorter and if I join them the hilt would be smaller than the hilt of a normal sabrestaff. And since the dual phase function is to shorten the long blade the staff would be closer to Zannah's than Maul's. Now some of you might call this cheating but this is in line with the sentinel mentality of keeping your options open. And it's also a huge trade off. I wouldn't be as good with any the variations as some one who specialised in one of these. Speaking of keeping all options open as you probably have guessed I would choose the sixth form also known as Niman or the way of the Rancor. Now this is also in line with the before mentioned sentinel mentality. But I would focus on the elements of Shii-Cho, Makashi and Shien. Shien for blast deflection, Makashi for one on one duels and Shii-Cho for two purposes. First of all to deal with multiple assailants but also to release my self into the force to go completely random.
What's your favourite species?
There are many cool species in the Star Wars universe. I really like Twi'leks and Zeltrons for obvious reasons but at the end of the day my favourite species has to be the Chiss. I really like their efficient mindset and that they don't let emotions cloud their judgement. Which would make them the perfect species to become Jedi. But sometimes the force like it's jokes an the Chiss ally themselves more often than note with various Sith controlled empires. Most prominently the Sith Empire and Galactic Empire. I'm also a huge fan of their design, especially the eyes. I think they underline der pragmatic and mathematical way of thinking and life in general.
What's you favourite vehicle?
Now I've never been much of a vehicle guy but one that I always like since I was a child were the A-Wings. I don't really know what I like so much about them but they just look cool. So yeahr my favourites are A-Wings.
If you were a Jedi and you had the choice who would you like to have as a master?
Now this probably the most difficult question for me to answer since it changes on a daily basis. At least between four different characters. And those would be: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Plo Koon, Mara Jade Skywalker and Tholme. But I try to narrow it down. Since I would be a Jedi Sentinel Obi-Wan and Plo are more or less out of the picture. Since they are no experts in the art of stealth. So only Mara and Tholme remain. I guess that Mara would be the better choice since she is more inclined to use blasters, vibro-knifes/blades but I think I would have problems concentrating while training with her. Redheads are my kryptonite :D So I would go with Tholme. And what I really like about him is that in contrast to Mara Jade and Plo Koon he is much more subtle in his application of the force and even more subtle than Obi-Wan Kenobi and in contrast to latter he hasn't the power for grand scale manipulations. He is extremely proficient when it comes to using his environment to his advantage. For example in his fight with Sora-Bulq he draw glass shards towards him, hit them with his lightsabre to pulverise those and blind him with the particles. He also knows how undercover missions work and he knows of the dangers and how to guard against them. So he would be perfect to train a Jedi Shadow. Tholme also manages a vast spy network which would come pretty handy for my line of work. And I probably would learn from him how to build and manage my own network.
If you were a Sith and you had the choice who would you like to have as a master?
Now this one is much easier for me to call. Since most if not all Sith Lords are major cunts I would choose the one who at least respects me and sees me as his equal and not a means to an end. And this would be Darth Palgueis. But not only is he on of the more 'humanistic' Sith he is also very scholar minded and knows a lot about ancient sithlore. And like I mentioned before I'm a huge fan of that stuff . But furthermore I'm really intrigued by his scientific approach to the force. And I love that he does experiments with it. And he isn't 100% evil he tries to bring order and peace to the galaxy, his own twisted form of order and peace. So he doesn't crave power for powers sake. I've also considered Lana Beniko as my Sith master but the problem with her is that I don't see her as a Sith and more as an Imperial Jedi if that makes any sense.
What would be your Sith name? (Darth ...)
I would be Darth Dagaz. Now this comes from the futhark rune Dagaz ᛞ which means 'Day' but it's also a symbol for the everlasting transition between night and day. A symbol of eternal transformation. Which in my opinion is the core element of sith philosophy. As a Sith Lord you transform the will of the force and ,if you're powerful enough, the fate of the galaxy to your imagination. But furthermore Dagaz also stands for polar opposites, extremes and by extension absolutes, and like Obi-Wan Kenobi said on Mustafar: "Only a Sith deals in absolutes".
What's your favourite Star Wars film?
While I personally think that Empire Strikes Back is objectively the best film. It certainly has the best story, character development and the best struggle. It is not my favourite film, as strange as that might sound. That title goes to Revenge of the Sith. And the reason for that as simple. I grew up with the Prequel trilogy so I have strong nostalgic feelings regarding those films. And I'm quite young (I'm born in 1995) so I was not old enough to watch the first two films in the cinema. And so Revenge of the Sith was the first one I saw in the Cinema. And I was so hyped, the whole year before it's release I was playing Star Wars with my best friend and imagining what happened during the clone wars (at the time I didn't knew that something like the EU existed). And till today this is the only film that made me cry. The whole "You were my brother Anakin, I loved you" scene broke my little ten year old heart.
What is your least favourite Star Wars film?
Now everybody who knows me or has looked through my profile on reddit knows that I'm not a huge fan of The Force Awakens. And it is definitively my least favourite. Like with ESB and RotS I don't think that it is the worst of the films. And most certainly it has the best cinematography and probably the best acting of them all. But their are two problems with this film, at least in my opinion. First of all TFA didn't feel like Star Wars to me. Despite having all the classic Star Wars tropes, at least at first glance. But what I dearly missed were familiar species like Twi'leks, Rodians, Bith and Kel Dor for example. It just didn't feel like the same Universe to me and this might lead into my second problem with the film. The Force Awakens had no emotional impact on me. While I cringe at some of the lines in Revenge of the Sith, I still feel some emotion. But the only thing I feel when I watch Episode VII is total indifference. And that's an 'emotion' I don't want to associate with Star Wars.
If you were to write a Star Wars novel what would it be about?
My Novel would be about Barel Ovair and his family. A rough outline of his story has been presented in one of the old republic time line videos. But I would love delpth deeper into his head at look if he has any doubts about his actions. And I probably would start at an earlier age and also focus on some of his ancestors. Furthermore I would focus on Eision Gynt's experiences once he was left behind on Yavin 4.
What is your favourite Filmscore from Star Wars (either a single piece or the soundtrack of an entire film or both :D)
Jedi Rocks of course :D Nah just kidding (I like the song but not that much... yes I know I'm a heretic and I should be burned). My favourite single piece of music has to be Binary Sunset (and the force them by extension of that). This is the only songs I've ever heard that gave me instant goosebumps. I don't why but to me this theme represents everything that Star Wars stands for. Excitement, Adventure (even if a Jedi doesn't crave those things), hope, redemption, sadness, loss, a higher understanding of the universe etc.
Do you collect figures?
No. Unless you count Lego as figures than yes (I did). I'm collecting lightsabre replicas but I only own one since they're bloody expensive. But I'm saving up on another one.
For the following two questions I choose the classic EU
What is the best thing about the EU?
Now this is probably as clichéd as it could get but the thing I love most about the EU that it does what the name says it does. It expands the Universe. I like how they take a character who you only see sitting around somewhere in the background for a couple of seconds (Quinlan Vos. Believe me he is in The Phantom Menace) and turn him into an fascinating and deep character. And make him one of the most important figures of the clone wars. And I love how the EU offers something for almost every taste. It doesn't matter if you're a fan of military stories or film noire/detective stories or what ever kind of story you're into you probably will find something.
What is the worst thing about the EU?
Now the worst thing of the classic EU is the continuity mess. While I think it was dealt as good as they could it is still a mess. Of course it's difficult to keep a good continuity with a multimedia project that huge with so many different creators and a live span of over 30 years. But another issue I have with it is that it sometimes tries to be a bit to dark an morally grey. I miss stories where Jedi just to Jedi stuff. That#s why Kenobi felt like a fresh breath of wind despite being as jedi cliché as it could get.
What does Star Wars mean to you?
To me Star Wars is a twisted reflection of life. No matter what life situation I'm in I just need to find the right story within the Star Wars universe and I find a solution to my problems or at least helps me to reach a mindset in which I'm able to deal with it. But furthermore the love for Star Wars surround us, penetrates us and binds us together to paraphrase Obi-Wan Kenobi. No matter what age or what background the person you're talking has if (s)he loves Star Wars you probably will never run out of stuff to talk about. And you instantly have a connection.
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Binary Sunsets  ROTS/ANH - Connecting Trilogies  Star Wars. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - The Binary Sunset (HD) - YouTube Star Wars IV: A new hope - Binary Sunset (Force Theme ... Binary Sunset Extended - Star Wars Soundtrack - YouTube Star Wars - Binary Sunset  Extended Long Version  - YouTube Star Wars - Binary Sunset [alternative version] - YouTube Star Wars Binary Sunset/Force Theme  Tragic Version w ... John Williams - Binary Sunset (Star Wars a new hope O.S.T ... Binary Sunset - STAR WARS (Piano Cover) [Beginner] - YouTube Star Wars: Binary Sunset EARRAPE - YouTube

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Binary Sunsets ROTS/ANH - Connecting Trilogies Star Wars.

I Decided To Make An Example Of How Well To Detail Lucas Went When Showing Us That Final Shot In Revenge Of The Sith And How It Really Tied The Knot. {I Adde... Its great to see so many out there still enjoying the beauty of such work. John Williams is a musical god. Video Details- Extended version of the brilliant m... An extended long version of Binary Sunset from Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace, Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, Star Wars Episode IV: A N... composed by John Williams unoffical alternate version by SoundtrackMix 🎹 Learn the piano here: 👍 Support me on PATREON: 🎵 Get the SHEET MUSIC: DISCO... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Star Wars Original Theme by John Williams (1977) Grammy Award for Best Album of Original Score Written for a Motion Picture 1978 Luke Skywalker stares off into a twin sunset one last time before becoming one with the Force. Questo video è parte di un lavoro più ampio, intitolato "John Williams, la Colonna Sonora di Star Wars: Analisi dei principali leitmotiv". I video caricati p... A sadder, slower version of Binary Sunset / Force Theme from Star Wars.