KDJ Stochastic Indicator - Can You Improve On Perfection?

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Indicator: Calculating KDJ. There parameters required: 1) n is the number of observation days; 2) a is the number of days for smoothing K_n; 3) b is the number of days for smoothing D_n. Usually, in the market data software, the KDJ is calculated by using parameter triplet of (9, 3, 3), so we got n=3, a=3, b=3. The following example explain the formula by using (9,3,3) to calculate K, D ... The KDJ indicator is one that I stumbled upon when reviewing a strategy the other day. The strategy turned out to be prohibitively complicated for newbies but this indicator emerged as a potential diamond in the rough. It is no secret that I am a fan of the stochastic oscillator so you can imagine my interest when I learned that this one is based on the same. In a nutshell, stochastic is based ... KDJ indicator. When it comes to determining the trend, as well as when to enter a trade, the KDJ is your go-to indicator. If you have used the Alligator or Stochastic Oscillator, this indicator may be a little easier to work with. Just like these two indicators, the KDJ isn't used for trading in flat markets. Seasoned traders prefer to use the KDJ. Interpret the KDJ. Just as the Stochastic ... What the stock indicator KDJ stands for? I know what's the meaning of this indicator used in trading technical analysis, I just wonder what each of the these K,D and J stand for or why used these letters as symbol? I can't find it online, it's all about KDJ explanations. Thanks. Source(s): stock indicator kdj stands for: https://shortly.im/701qn. 0 0. Still have questions? Get your ... KDJ indicator is a technical indicator used to analyze and predict changes in stock trends and price patterns in a traded asset. KDJ indicator is otherwise known as the random index. It is a very practical technical indicator which is most commonly used in market trend analysis of short-term stock. KDJ is an indicator designed with the sole purpose of making your trading efforts as effective as possible and certainly deserves your attention. KDJ can help you determine both the trend direction and optimal entry points. For those familiar with the basic technical analysis tools, KDJ may seem similar to the Alligator and the Stochastic ... The KDJ indicator is actually a derived form of the Stochastic with the only difference being an extra line called the J line. The J line represents the divergence of the %D value from the %K. The value of J can go beyond [0, 100] for %K and %D lines on the chart. Trading Signals. A negative value of J combined with %K and %D at the bottom range indicates a strong over sold signal. Likewise ...

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Beginner Guide to the RSI Indicator - YouTube

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